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Leaving his hometown and the ashes of his former band behind him to move to Nashville, Drew began crafting the songs and assembling the band for the album that would become Blame The Miles Between. Finding himself in the middle of the retro-soul, rock and roll renaissance, Drew Michael Blake and The Belfry draw comparisons to bands like Dawes and Alabama Shakes. "I've always thought of it as '70s Van Morrison mixed with the writing of Jackson Browne, but I've realized this is a sound that is as much now as it was then," says Drew, "I'm excited that there's this wave of artists who hearken back to the days when people had a spiritual, emotional connection to the music and really bring it out from the heart. That's what made that music some of the best there ever was, and it's what makes this new music some of the best there is." 

- Brendan Keller



by Drew Michael Blake


In April 2016, Drew ran a Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly $5,000 to finance the release of his record. The support from his fans makes this his biggest record release ever.