For the love of Stevie Nicks

I can tell you exactly how I became a fan of Stevie Nicks. With most artists I love, it can be difficult how that came to be. I knew of Stevie vaguely from watching VH1 as a kid, and through Joan Cusack’s obsession in School of Rock but that was all. 

A couple of years ago I read this article by Amanda Petrusich about the reissues of some of Nicks’s early solo records. It remains one of the finest pieces of music journalism I’ve ever read and the only review to move me from casually aware to admirer. It’s also the only time I’ve become a fan of a music journalist. 

“Nicks’s music has long been considered a balm for stubborn strains of heartache: her songs are unsparing about the brutality of loss, yet buoyed by a kind of subtle optimism. Her generous songs provide an antidote to today’s often embattled pop music.”

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