Good art builds bridges

I don’t know if I can break through.

I remember that feeling when I first got the 1971 album “Who’s Next” by The Who. It sounded so foreign. Like a time capsule blasting out of my stereo. I’m still surprised that I was able to clearly articulate (at 16) that it seemed like Roger Daltrey was singing to a different generation.

I was reminded of that feeling on Tuesday when I attended my first-ever stand-up comedy open-mic night. There was clearly an “in” crowd, and I was not in it. 

We are surrounded by many worlds, and art is their reflection. Some of them you’re already in, some of them you could be. 

Is it worth it to try to break through? That depends.

Will entering this world help you to better understand people who aren’t like you? Will it deepen and enrich your understanding of who you are in relation to the world around you? Or, will it deepen the divide and further isolate you? 

Good art builds a bridge between worlds. Building anything takes effort, but the more bridges you can build the more you are rewarded. 

Avoid bridges guarded by gatekeepers.

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