Talking Tracks

Season: 3

Thursday Check In - Apr. 19, 2018

Drew's mid-week check in with Talking Track listeners. Wasted day planners are a thing of the past for the new Drew Michael Blake. Drew is talking new schedules and new discoveries. From waking up at an ungodly hour to enneagram numbers. In the final minutes Drew reveals a disturbing new discovery about his musical tastes.

Prepared For The Worst

In an act of spontaneous alignment, Drew ditches his playbook and picks a new artist to add to the Talking Tracks collection. One of his all time favorites and current favorites, John Prine, released a new record last Friday, so Drew talks about a John Prine record that came out 18 years ago featuring songs from 30 years ago. It made sense in his head.

Thursday Check In - Apr. 12, 2018

Drew talks about trying out new routines, 'getting' Norm MacDonald and what talk shows are really about, and goes into the story of a recent dream come true. For long-time listeners, this will be the resolution to a topic we started talking about back in the fall, and for new listeners this is the conclusion of a 5 year search.
Iconography for Who Stole The Light?

Who Stole The Light? - The Podcast

A slightly delirious and sleep-deprived Drew gets into what's been keeping him up late. In this season we'll be talking about the songs from Drew's 2016 album, "Blame The Miles Between," digging into what was happening when these songs were written and how they came together.

Season: 2

Thursday Check In - Mar. 22, 2018

In the final episode of Season 2, Drew goes into the similarities between drummers and Oreo cookies, leg brains, sugar addiction, and #deletefacebook

The Hour is Getting Late

There was one song left over from last week's selection that covers two artists we've talked about on Talking Tracks. Drew was actually pretty pleased to be able to devote a whole episode to the jammiest of deep jams, and still tie in last week's theme of, "who are you?"

Thursday Check In - Mar. 15, 2018

As Spring gets closer, the world is reviving, and Drew is getting in touch with nature. Let's talk about garden preparation, the best meal of your life, and what's really going on in your grocery store.

If All The Hippies Cut Off Their Hair

If you haven't seen Black Panther, this episode won't ruin anything for you. That being said, you should totally go see it. This isn't just a good black movie, or a good superhero movie– it's a good movie. Prompted by the often repeated question within the movie, "Who are you?," Drew looks for songs that can help drive the question deeper and further the narrative.

Thursday Check In - Mar. 8, 2018

In 2010, Prince said, "The Internet is so over," and everyone laughed. What a funny joke, we said. The internet, is awesome, we said. These days, it seems we're not so sure. Drew really just wanted to talk about the new website he's working on, but it turns out he has a lot of opinions on the internet. Listen up!