Talking Tracks

Season: 3

Thursday Check In - June 21, 2018

After all that build up, of course Drew talks about the Paul Simon concert. But with the much mentioned Mallory making her first appearance on the show, there is no telling where the conversation will go. Listen as Mal-Pal The Nature Gal and Drew talk about food regret, garden updates, and the concert of a lifetime.

Did You Make The Most? - The Podcast

Drew is not a landscaper. You knew this. He didn't. But this actually served as the perfect setup to talk about track 5, "Did You Make The Most?" Drew looks back and offers his perspective on what it means to make the most of your time, and the difficulty of appreciating each stage of life while you're in its midst.

Thursday Check In - June 14, 2018

Fighting with the room, Drew takes you on a tour of the theater of metal, talks about tricks for creativity, and tries his hand at a fishing story. Also included, a heartfelt segment about how much Talking Tracks means to him.

Leave 'Em Laughing When You Go

Wanting what you can't have. Believing in what you haven't found. Looking at the highs and lows of love and life. In this episode, Joni Mitchell prompts questions for Drew that remain unresolved, but show themselves to be beautiful as questions that beg an answer that never comes.

Thursday Check In - June 7, 2018

Elevated hot dogs, blowing money on blowing cold, turn it up to ten and let that sucker blast. After a little hiccup at the beginning, Drew gets on a roll in one of his most fun podcasts of all time.

Double Crossed - The Podcast

Only a good friend would be comfortable enough to point out such a bad habit. Today, we're talking about track 4, "Double Crossed." This song is central to the theme of the record 'Blame The Miles Between,' and it all started when a close friend leveled with me about what might be behind my failed relationships. Also, wicked guitar solos ahead.

Thursday Check In - May 24, 2018

A good night's sleep. A correctly adjusted wristwatch. Under these ideal conditions, Drew turns his attention to the forgotten benefits of the cable TV schedule he knew nothing about, and the problem of an unlocked phone.

Let Me Go Down In My Dreams

This podcast almost didn't happen. I'm not joking when I say this episode is brought to you by a bowl of popcorn. It's taken 44 episodes, but I'm finally talking about one of my earliest influences, James Taylor. There's a little of what James means to me as an artist, and a little bit of wild speculation about what some of his lyrics may mean.

Thursday Check In - May 17, 2018

Drew, what's wrong with your truck this time? How's that new guitar sounding these days? Do you have any thoughts on Michelangelo's David? All of your burning questions are answered in this 30 minute podcast.